Welcome to Cram Excel

Here we are just helping you to grow your excel skill. You can ask for any problems on the ask page. Here we covered all the basics and important functions and formulas for you. And we keep it simple and clean for you to understand.


Excel is one of the most useful application software to perform all types of financial, mathematical, data sorting, filtering and so many advance formulas to complete your job within a second.

Here we are gonna do practicals on Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is an Application Software, other excel software “Office 360”, “Google Sheet”, “WPS Office”, etc. But Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular that are using widely all over the world.

  1. Table: Table is the workplace where we will input the data and perform them according to our requirements.
  2. Sheet: Sheet is a complete setup of a table, we can use multiple sheets to arrange them category wise, even we can connect them and perform the calculation to get the values from all the sheets.
  3. Ribbon: Ribbon is the navigation pane that allows you to navigate to the options you want.
  4. Workbook: Workbook is just another name of excel sheets. When you open a new excel program then you will have an option to create a new workbook (e.g. for Microsoft 2013 or later).
  5. Office Menu: Most of the Excel Software has the Office Menu, which is also known as File Menu. Here you will get so many options to create a new workbook, open a workbook, save the workbook or close it.